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Jaw Grading Bite Blocks - TalkTools Red (2 sets)

Picture ofJaw Grading Bite Blocks - TalkTools  Red (2 sets)
The highly-functional Jaw Grading Bite Blocks promote symmetrical jaw strength, jaw stability, and work on jaw grading through varying jaw heights. The kit can also be used to teach jaw position and muscle memory for standard speech sound production. Excellent for use with apraxic/dyspraxic clients. Includes two sets of six reusable, durable Bite Blocks and instructions for use.

For those who do not respond well to the relatively hard plastic of our standard Bite Blocks, the softer, Sensory-Friendly Bite Blocks may promote acceptance. TalkTools Jaw Grading Bite Blocks are latex-free and constructed from FDA-approved materials. Made in USA. Instructions available in Spanish by request.

Price : £39.94 code 1050005

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