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Apraxia Kit -TalkTools

Picture ofApraxia Kit -TalkTools
This versatile kit is ideal for transitioning clients with motor-planning deficits from oral-motor exercises to speech production. The three sets of tools - Bilabial Shapes, Tactile Tubes, and Speech Blocks - provide tactile cueing so clients can feel where the articulators should be during speech production. When combined with verbal and visual cues, they provide a multisensory approach to facilitating speech. Comes with a DVD of instructions.

Each type of tool is also available individually, and each helps address a particular set of phonemes: Tactile Tubes: oo/oh/ah Bilabial Shapes: m/p/b Speech Blocks: ee/ih/eh/uh/ah The Apraxia Kit includes instructions and one set of each tool type.

Price : £56.28 code 5000030

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